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10th of March 2012

The Stairwell | Single | Author: Zykov Eddy | Download Standalone, Download Classic

The review: The Stairwell is an experimental map based on some "SCP Foundation" story, which tells me absolutely nothing. But calling The Stairwell a map is a bit off as this is an experiment in interactive storytelling if anything, not a Duke3D usermap. Even more, the map is not as much about storytelling as it is about conveying a specific kind of atmosphere, which is done mostly with the aid of a rich soundscape, grim lighting and some visual tricks. At the bottom of the experience you're bound to feel a bit let down, but here it's the journey that matters, not its conclusion.
Note that there are two versions of the map available: a standalone version that is compatible with both Polymer and Polymost modes and a classic version that only supports the 8-bit mode. The latter is a bit more rugged and claustrophobic, which may be why you should go for it if you're planning on playing this only once.

Rating: No rating

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