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Red3 | Single/DM | Author: Merlijn v. Oostrum | Download 133kt

Red3 follows where Red2 ended. Red3 is a genius work of art. It's a brilliant level. After dozens of normal levels with even better and better design Red3 offers something totally different (good design is of course also included).
Some town somewhere has suffered some spooky things. This level brings me lots of memories from old The X-Files episodes. Monsters will encounter you in brilliant ways. You'll not just encounter them behind every corner. This level is a lot more spooky adventure than action.
Spooky means dark. Level has almost no bright lights at all. Spooky also means scary sounds. This level uses monster sounds very well. You'll hear things that you haven't heard before. Those strange lights on the far fields are very strange and gives this level even more great atmosphere. You'll love them.
Map has some nice tricks, explosions and a very good storyline also. Read the real story from txt file and follow it during the level by looking around. Design is very impressive. The file size of the level is over 460kt so as far as I remember this is the biggest filesize ever. Shadows are very, very good. Dark theme allows very nice lighting.
The ending is also very brilliant thing. Once you hit the power switch the whole place awakes. This sequence is just awesome.
Anyways Red3 is something different and it is the most atmospheric level ever. It's an adventure level with clever enemies and spooky sounds. And also - you can play this level with all skill settings. Playing this level in fourth skill level makes this an action packed stuff (but it will loose some atmosphere - but hey this is just extra).

Rating: 98