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5th of December 2003

Phantasm | Single | Author: Zaxtor | Download 97Kt

Description: Zaxtor's zillionth level follows the bizarre theme which we first saw in '2Bizarre'.

Design: This one comes with a lot of pleasing visual effects. Strange colors, strange structures, bizarre locations - it's all there. The level starts from Duke's house - The house looks pretty neat - particularly its yard with a truck. From the basement Duke discovers a gateway to another place. This bizarre dimension introduces you to many new effects and innovative creations. Level's design is brilliant in every way.

Textures: Well yeah the use of textures is brilliant since the theme makes it possible to experiment with unusual texture combinations.

Gameplay: Although the level is mostly enjoyable due to its visual effects the level gets too frustrating at times. You might forget the location of locks, the way you were going etc. There are also some very annoying places. Jumping from one sprite plate to another is a good idea when it's well used but in this level the idea is flawed because the scene is too long and frustrating. There's also this space area with black/white floor which looks brilliant and has its moments but is way too long and Duke dies way too easily.

Innovations: Lot's of them. Although the color combinations might remind you of levels like '2Bizarre' the level still has its own style and offers more than enough new effects & tricks. See for yourself.

Conclusion: Very good looking bizarre level with lots of new innovations and pleasing effects but gets way too annoying at times.

Rating: 90