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30th of May 2012

Highland | Single/Multi | Author: David B. | Download

Description: The author of Hostel is back after several years of wandering in the wilderness. Like Hostel, Highland is a medium-size urban map, this time taking place in and around a high school.

Into It: The author designed the map with the HRP in mind and it shows as the usual problem of some textures looking out of place is absent. That being said, the map looks just fine without the HRP. There are shades of the original Duke3D city maps but overall the map is stylistically quite different with its open hallways and good use of spritework. On Let's Rock (the second easiest skill level) the map is a bit too empty in terms of things to shoot at so you should go for Come Get Some on your first playthrough, the only problem being that the map is a bit too heavy with Enforcers, my least favorite of the regular enemies thanks to their fast reaction time and hitscan weapons. In terms of length the map is a bit on the short side of medium-sized maps, lasting around 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Highland is not unlike the many other highschool based usermaps that you may have come across but it's a worthy addition to that collection with its polished urban design. Its gamelay, while fun and mostly balanced, could have used a bit more fine-tuning as now you're forced to choose either too little enemies or too many Enforcers.

Rating: 90

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