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19th of October 2006

Return to Fury 161 | Single | Author: Slawomir "LAW" Lawrynowicz | Download 840Kb

Description: Another salvaged map from the cancelled AvP 2 mod. The map takes LAW's first version of Fury 161 and multiplies it by ten. AvP TC required.

Design: The map is an obvious remake of Alien 3. Some of the basic map structure follows along the lines of the first Fury 161 map. The design is so far the best LAW has ever provided. Spritework is present everywhere from wall equipment to hospital beds and the overall level of details is high. Lightning is good but unfortunately there aren't any lightning effects which could have spiced up the overall mood (a factor that always played a great role in the films).

Textures: Texturing relies heavily on a set of new textures (borrowed from other games) and other stuff from AvP TC. The textures blend in nicely with Duke's original textures and there wasn't anything bad enough to draw your attention.

Gameplay: The somewhat boring gameplay (consisted of blasting tons of Protector Drones and slimers with weak weapons) of the first Fury 161 is gone. Instead of Drones and slimers this one has got real Aliens and Facehuggers - thanks to material from AvP. Only two weapons are provided but they're enough. The map has a few cool scripted sequences that help bringing the environment alive. The last scene is a bit so so with lead coming down a bit too slowly. The level makes a good use of ambient sounds.

Conclusion: So far the best of Alien/Predator remakes.

Rating: 93