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Fight For Life | Single/DM | Author: Reginukem | Download 52kt

'Fight For Life' is a 'cover' version of Reginukem's 'Emergency Room' level. But it's not an updated copy. It's still a totally different level. Some areas are from ERoom - at least partly - and the basic structure of the hospital itself is quite similar with ERoom. Biggest problem of ERoom was too large scale for hallways, doors etc. In Fight For Life this bug has been fixed. Halls are normal size as well as doors. There are three keys to be found. Nothing special but good still. Design is above average even it's not so detailed. Textures are good but there are some problems with textures like some smaller align things & a few bad choices. Outside area looks very good - especially the hospital building itself. If you have played Emergency Room then I'm sure you'll experience some small Deja Vu feelings but that's nothing big. Fight For Life is not ERoom.

Fight For Life

Rating: 87