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BobSp3 | Single | Author: Bob Averill | Download 114kt

BobSp3 is the most awaited level ever. When Bobsp1 and Bobsp2 were released no one had ever seen effects and details like the ones which Bob presented to us. Time has passed and still Bobsp3's details are something special and unique. Usually TCs take two years to complete - so this must be the longest usermap project ever. Two years (Or like Bob says in readme 'Two of your mortal years'. So this means Bob really is God?) is a damn long time - take a look how much you have changed - and you still enjoy playing these. Bob Averill is the one who started the whole 'extremely-detailed-level' scene. Without his levels there wouldn't be Alejandro's or 'FakirBaba's' levels. Bob has also invented several new effects like clearwater and 3d-switches which has been used in many other levels too. After Bob's inventions builders has started to develop even more new effects.
Bobsp3 begins from the spot where Bobsp2 ended - a transport system which moves towards the island where is the source of alien invasion. Most of the level takes place outside. The nature is amazing. Rocks, grass, mountains, stones, everything is so beatiful and perfect. Tiny details and realistic places. Alien ships (especially the little one) are built from tiny details and looks even better than spacecrafts we use to see in movies:). The facility is full of details and awesome textures. Inside facility part won't take much time but the time you spend inside is definitely a quality time. At the end you'll find the big spaceship and you'll begin the final battle with the Boss character.
Without the most annoying thing - sector limit - this map could easily be the best level ever (and score even 100). But it is too short to beat 'The Lost Moonbase'. Anyways here's a tip: travel around the level to find some stupid messages and stuff. Also one interesting fact: I'm sure that this map which took Bob two years would have taken about one or two weeks if Alejandro would have done it. Just think about it.

Rating: 97

Bobsp3 BobSp3