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Fury 161 | Single | Author: Slawomir " LAW " Lawrynowicz | Download 400kt

Fury 161 is the third part for 'LAW's' Alien serie. It is based on a prison planet Fury 161 which we saw in alien3 movie. Level has many places from it including the hallway with candles, vents, med labs and more. It also has a few sounds from the movie (scream and fan sound). Only enemy that this map has are Protector Drones and Slimers (just like my 'LV426'). Design and lighting is above average and places from the movie are looking enough the same. However this map has two problems. First of all the design of the first room and the next room after that (big dark hall) is bad. Rooms are almost empty. First room does have a really cool and long explosion but it doesn't look realistic (there's nothing that could explode in the room - like TNT boxes). Second problem is too big scale that can be located in some of the rooms like the washing room and especially all the doors are too big for Duke. Anyway this map kicks ass - especially if you have seen Alien3 (I'm sure almost everyone has seen it).

Fury 161

Rating: 88