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First episode has HL styleSecond episode has medieval theme

Fusion TC includes three new episodes for Duke Nukem version 1.3d or atomic. Each one of these episodes
has got a different theme. First episode is a Half-Life style episode which includes base maps with HL
textures. Second episode is a medieval theme episode which includes elements from Quake, Hexen, Blood
and castles etc. Third episode is a city episode in a future city. All levels are well made and full of
puzzles, action, effects etc. First episode really feels like a HL and second is spooky as hell and third
has got lots of elements from "Redneck Rampage". Only few of the levels in the second episode were too
difficult (I got lost). Score 9/10

It's awesome how much can one man do. Fusion TC has tons of new enemies from HL's government's forces
to Unreal's Skaarj Warriors. All of them has new graphics and actions. AI is from the top and makes
some of the enemies very fast and intelligence. Only bad thing in the enemies is that the Government's
troops are aiming too well. Score 10/10

Only weapon which has the original graphic is pipe bomb. All others are remade with new actions and arts.
Some of the weapons looks quite bad but not too bad. Anyway there are weapons like Mp5 with unlimited
ammo, BFG 10K which is a huge nuke (but not as huge as in SST TC), Double barrel shotgun and lot more.
Score 8/10

Fusion doesn't use much of Duke's original art files. It has tons of new arts and results are good and bad
'cause all of them fits in the levels but some of them looks messy. New midis are also quite cool but could
have been better. New sounds fits in the guns and are cool as well as the enemies' sounds. There are lot more
stuff in this TC but you have to find it out by yourself.
Score 9/10

Lastability: It's awesome how much one man can do. This TC includes lots of good elements from other action
games and brings them to Duke with full new gameplay feeling:
Version: 1.3d, 1.4, 1.5
Author: Roberto Diaz
Size: 18Mt
Score: 9

Third episode has a city and country themeShambler's hand is cool