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8th of November 2002

Final Doom 1/2 - Evilution

It's amazing how well you can remember certain things. I played Final Doom in 1997 and haven't touched in since. Now when I played the first episode - Evilution - for the first time since -97 I could easily remember levels, locations, music etc.

Final Doom is the third part of Doom serie (but not officially Doom 3). There are two episodes - TNT Evilution & Plutonia Experiment (in short Evilution & Plutonia). Both episodes have a bit over 30 levels so there's a lot to play. This review is for the first episode - Evilution.

Design is pretty much similar to Doom 2. There are puzzles where you press a button and a door opens somewhere - on the other side of the level probably. I ended up getting stuck a few times but not too often. There aren't much new textures. But locations can't be compared to Doom 2. First levels are normal base levels with this mountain skyzone. Second part is some planet with this neat skyzone texture. These locations have some bigger outside areas. Third part is everyone's favorite - hell. Red sky in hell looks amazing. Some of the levels are very big & some very small. Some have some details but none of them has lot. Some look very poor. Shadowing is also lacking sometimes. Some levels are just too bright. But levels are fun.

Combat is fun. Thanks to Super Shotgun. There are huge amounts of monsters to kill (hey of course - this is Doom). You'll never run out of bullets. Experienced Doom players won't even die (I didn't). So just run, shoot, strafe etc. You know how it goes. And if you use the original version you can't use mouse.

Music is excellent as always in Doom series. Because of my 'new' computer it sounded a bit different but not disturbingly much. There are some new good tracks but some are from excellent Doom 2.

So 30 fun & interesting levels with Doom 2 environment. Neither new monsters nor guns but some different locations.