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Turfwarz | DM | Author: Team M:Impossible | download 254kt

Three top mappers: Blackjack, Maarten Pinxten and Chris Alcock decided to create a fantastic dukematch map with city theme. This map is more than just a dukematch map. It's a battle between two streetgangs - Red Wings and Blue Cowboys (these are the players of course). Unfortunately I haven't got a chance to play this map online so I don't know what it feels like to play against others. My bot support also doesn't work very well. Anyway what we have right now is a very well designed city map with lots of details. Streets are one of the best ever seen in Duke. Shadows are well used and almost everything looks realistic. Textures are quite well used and new textures are included too. Car repair place looks cool and realistic and subway (Red's base) is made using sprites. There are also lots of strategic buttons and tricks to do team play even more enjoyable. Unfortunately this map doesn't support single-player at all which is a big mistake. It's like a waste of good design if map doesn't support a single-player or even bots:(

Rating: 86 (for design)