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Temple of Death | DM/Single | Author: Maarten V. Oostrum | download 82kb

'Temple of Death' follows the style of Maarten's previous work (Toxicity, Maarted Desert). It's half nature half ancient level. Outdoor area was pretty good with nice details, plants, rocks, realistic wall shapes etc. Indoor temple is actually an area of two big rooms & a small hallway which leads you to a secret location with Devastator (which is totally useless against bots). Temple has a nice look with its ancient look, pillars, colored textures & partly destroyed roof. Map was tested with bots and it worked quite well. Outdoor battles were more enjoyable that indoor battles where bots jumped from one side of the wall to another. Weapons were well placed and there were some Atomic Healths to keep you alive a bit longer. Zip also includes an older dukematch level by Maarten which is a worth to take a look at. 'Temple of Death' also has a small support for single-player with monsters & a nukebutton.

Temple of Death
Rating: 91