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Starfire | DM | Author: Mortuus47 | download 26kt

Mortuus47 has been around for a while and in fact this level was released quite long time ago. But anyways (still can't get rid off that word) this is a space-station type dukematch level with some monsters.
Design is quite empty. There are no details on the walls. And walls are the thing that are very bad in this level. Textures they use are really boring looking (that gray texture) and floor/walls/ceiling has no details. Shadows: Where are they? Map does have a few nice spotlights and colored lighting. Dukematch gameplay (bots as usual) is quite good. Map is quite small and it has lots of weapons so fragging is fun. Especially when you mark 'monsters on' (there's a Battlelord also).

Rating: 78