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Space Showdown | DM | Author: Alejandro Glavic | download 70kt

Space Showdown is Alejandro's first attempt to create a dukematch level. Learning how to do one didn't took much time. Level is amazing. Design is full of small details (part of them are in places which you won't probably even notice) and great texture solutions. Level has kinda blue/white/gray feel and it contains two arenas. Another arena has this supergood looking spaceship which beats the one we saw in 'BobSP3'. Ladder effect is new (need to press space). Notice also the scouting shuttle. Map has some teleports which I found very useful. On the top of all this the level is great fun against bots. Three reasons why this level is so good (and what good dukematch level should have): small, design, fun.

Space Showdown
Rating: 92