The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Research | DM | Author: Matt (YoshiYount) | download 63kt

Yoshi started from 'Ghetto' and 'Research' is his latest. Yoshi's every new level has been better than his previous. This one is also and beats Yoshi's 'Condemed'. 'Research' level has a small facility (one room filled with slimers) and a huge outdoor area. I think the level is designed for cooperative. Dukematch doesn't work - bots keeps falling off the bridge (huge sprite bridge). Best way is to try it in single-player. You'll have just enough ammo to beat battlelords and commanders. Just try it in sp to test your skills. Design is half-average-half-empty. Some rocky mountains look good - some don't. It has also rain sound and rain texture but there are no drops coming from the sky. Sky also has some bugs but that's not author's fault. It also could have been a bit more darker outside (especially the sky - some trees are not as dark as they should be - compared to ground).

Rating: 81