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Napalm Death | Dukematch | Author: Taivo Maripuu | download 53kt

Napalm Death is a mansion/yard level for small amount of players. Txt recommends it to be played against one bot but I found one-on-one difficult. Design is very sweet. Lighting is beautiful - especially outdoor shadowing. Indoor parts (only a few) are very detailed. Spritework is well mixed with different textures and colors. Sprite balconies are well detailed. Gameplay is a bit tough. There are only two player starts. Bots rarely go inside the mansion which is a bit shame. A player start inside the mansion would have helped. Freezer & Tripbombs are well placed inside the mansion - They wouldn't help much outside - especially if you play this against two players. So - sweet design but gameplay is tough and there should have been more player starts.

Napalm Death
Rating: 90