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Night and Day | Dukematch | Author: FakirBaba | download 136kt

'Night and Day' introduces us to a new Duke3D effect - day/night effect. This trick is done with texture animations so there are no extra cons & such. The level won't just go from all bright day to all dark night within a minute but instead there's a small change in level's climate every two minutes and within ten minutes the night has arrived (and then starts going toward a new day). The level works pretty well with botgame so observing the climate while fighting is a pleasure since the effect works so well and is neat. There are a few locations which are a bit hard to reach but with the help of Steroids & Jetpack you'll reach those places. RPG & Devastator weapons feel a bit useless against those damned bots as usually. PipeBombs are well placed - You can drop them right in the middle of a massive bot combat (depending on how many bots you're using). With pistol & Jetpack you can drop bots from high places. Could use a bit more health. Design is suberp as always in Fakir's levels. Check Fakir's previous dukematch levels: Saturday Night Fever & Morpheus Revisited.

Night and Day
Rating: 91