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Morpheus Revisited | Dukematch | Author: FakirBaba | download 11kt

'Morpheus Revisited' is a remake of UT's Morpheus level - this is another Morpheus remake for Duke3D. Bob Averill released his version of this rooftop level about two years ago. Level has two high buildings connected to each other with a bridge. There are no apartments - just two rooftops. Design is very neat - textures are extremely well picked and their theme is in perfect balance. Spritework is amazing and bugfree. There are no shadows but it's not that big issue here - there really isn't a light source either. But it does look a bit odd because I'm sure some places are darker even in the kind of environment this level has. Unfortunately gameplay is quite poor. Of course it was only tested against bots which is not very fair but it's the only way. There are only two weapons available - Devastator & RPG which both are the worst weapons you can use against bots.

Morpheus Revisited
Rating: 85