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Ghetto | DM/Single | Author: | Download 41kt

Ghetto is a city map. It's constructed so that there's a yard in the middle of level and all around the yard there are shops, motels, pools etc. On the yard there's a firetruck moving with turrets and whole map has lots of cracks in the walls. Design is a lot below average. It's full of bugs and misaligned textures. This map is mainly designed for dukematch and it's quite fun to play because of some clever sniping etc. locations. It works better if you play dukematch with monsters turned on. Single-player is just shooting baddies and there's no nukebutton. Missing nukebutton is a mistake because I had fun time fighting against tons of monsters (this map has A LOT of monsters - almost impossible to beat) but then I couldn't find nukebutton of any kind. But I did managed to kill all monsters and if you want REAL CHALLENGE then download this and try to beat every monster without cheating. Add nukebutton there yourself with Build if you want to complete the level.

Rating: 77