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Fusion | DM | Author: Dani J Swanson | download 68kt

Fusion is again a dukematch map by Dani J. Architecture is amazing. Details are so realistic and spritework is so amazing. There are two places where you can fight on this map - the upper place where you walk through sprite platforms and lower place where the real action happens. Textures are of course once again great. Dukematch is tested with bots (of course) and it is ok. Not as fun as 'Wardome' but fun anyway. Anyways I would like to see this kind of design in single-player maps a lot more. Dukematch maps doesn't live that long and people like me usually tests dukematch maps only once with bots and then never come back to those maps. Piece of best design history this level is anyway.

Rating: 87