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Death Matchers Delight | Dukematch | Author: Matt | download 72kt

This one's quite big and as you know I prefer the small ones. However somehow DMD managed to keep my interest up for some time. Design is ok and although theme is the same all around the level (industrial) there's quite a bit of variety - thanks to rich texturing. Some areas are better than others when it comes to detailing & lighting. Some areas have no light sources but still light. Gameplay is quite fun thanks to weapon placement & connectivity. As I said - DMD is quite big but there's one teleport which makes the level flow better (although there should be more of them). Tripbombs are well included and you can do some nasty traps with them. Bots go almost everywhere. There was one huge area which seemed to be empty most of the time (at least you have some place where you can rest).

Death Matchers Delight
Rating: 85