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Death Valley | DM | Author: Rob Wijsktra | download 213kb

Outdoor dukematch level from the author of City Terror. 'Death Valley' uses new art - some ripped from Rob's own City Terror. Texture quality is mostly good but some textures are a bit too bright. However this new art set gives a fresh feel to the level and some originality. Design is quite good and realistic. Nature looks like nature with plants, trees, canyons, slopes etc. However Death Valley is too bright. Shadows exist only in some parts - even the only inside area of this level is bright although there are no light sources. Item placement is mostly good. Shotgun is a bit out of the central area which leads to annoying pistol fights. However this is avoidable and there are two Shotgun locations in this level. You can make some nice traps with Trip Bombs. Freezer is a bit useless due to its location. Health is well placed with some normal Medkits & one Portable Medkit. Fun for a while.

Death Valley
Rating: 88