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Anevrisme DM-Pack | Dukematch | Author: Anevrisme | Download 117kt

This pack features four Dukematch maps by AnÚvrisme. I have not been able to test them in Dukematch but I have given them a try by walking around.
Courette: A city map with a yard in the center and some buildings you can access. Some nice rooftops too. Both lightning & design are mediocre.
Daisy II: A small harbor with a boat named "Daisy II". Underwater area could include some more items since it feels a bit useless now. Could use more trimwork.
DK3: Reminds me of a custom CS map I played some time ago. Nice spritework but texturing is bleak.
Entrepot: The best of the bunch. A nice - although a bit cramped - warehouse site with some moody lightning and pretty good texturing.

So it's a mixed bunch. At least Entrepot is worth your time and if you're able to do Dukematch then give them all a try.

Four Maps!
Rating: No Points