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Bak Manufactory | Dukematch | Author: Alexander Bak | Download

This one's from the author of the surprise hit Anarxiticalcity, which is not hard to tell as Bak Manufactory shares the visual style of its single-player big brother. Outdoor architecture reigns over the map's somewhat half-assed indoor locations, but there's a bit of sloppiness visible everywhere, not just indoors. Alexander has also put some effort into areas outside the actual gameplay zone, providing the impression that you're in an isolated industrial corner of a big city. This being a DM map, it's a bit hard to comment on how it plays but my guess is that the bulk of the action takes place around the central industrial yard. There's a security room with some goodies but you might get trapped there thanks to two outside switches that can close the door behind you. There's also a larger "secret area" that's only accessible via a Shrinker shot. So, getting shrunk may be a blessing if you're well positioned.

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