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Back Alley Intersection | DM | Author: Pepsi Ranger | download 77kt

'Back Alley Intersection' is an old dukematch level from the early days of Duke. If I had played this back then in -97 I'm sure the experience would have been something different. But times change and so does standards. Level is quite big - this is something I dislike. Textures are quite poor with strange choices, unaligned stuff etc. Shadows exist somewhere but somewhere they don't. Details are not really details. I guess that in -97 you 'detailed' your level by adding lots of stuff to it but it's more careful nowadays. Gameplay was once again tested with bots and it was ok. Weapons & items were well spread around the level. There were also some strategic points, switches & secret locations. One switch spawned lots of enemies so make sure you have monsters turned on when you try this. In the end - 'Back Alley Intersection' is quite normal -97 dukematch level with lots of locations & below average design.

Back Alley Intersection
Rating: 78