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ADGDM2 | Dukematch | Author: Alejandro Glavic | download 31kt

Ale's new dukematch level offers some eyecandy and that's about it. Design is highly detailed & realistic. Texture usage is excellent - especially the use of blue sky with the snow texture works extremely well. Terrain design is detailed & realistic. However there are tons of invisible walls surrounding the outside area which is annoying and looks ridiculous. The underwater area is also spoiled by a stupid design flaw - edge of the level is blocked by an underwater skybox. Gameplay is a disaster. Outside area is too open - there's no place for cover or even health packs. Small underground hi-tech part has no weapons. A shotgun or even a Medkit would work there. Freezer is placed underwater near the open outdoor area so you won't be able to hit anyone with it. If you want eyecandy then download this - if you don't then I suggest you to try Ale's previous dukematch level 'Space Showdown'.

Rating: 84