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28nd of April 2002

Counter Strike 1.4

Counter Strike 1.4 is finally out and it includes some new stuff. Everything in this new version has turned out to be good. Levels (Chateau, Havana) are far better than those which came with 1.3 (Survivor, Storm, Torn). Bunny jumping is now impossible and spectator mode looks awesome.

New levels are de_chateau and cs_havana. Both are excellent. Chateau has some excellent ambush points and other nice places which makes fragging very thrilling. Chateau's graphics are awesome too. However this makes level a bit more laggy. Havana is a city with some realistic scenery settings such as posters and other nice graphics. I got my ass kicked when I played this as CT. It's easier for Terrorists. Because of new graphics this level is a bit slow too.
De_train has been updated by adding some light under the boxcars. This was a very good solution because it was too hard for CTs trying to defuse the bomb when there were dozens of Terrorists hiding under the boxcars.

Bunny jump fix is quite good so far. It prevents you from jumping a jump after another with the same speed and strenght. This also prevents those annoying jump-headshots and adds more realism to game.

New spectator mode is impressive. You have now more options in spectator mode screen and you can follow players with first-person view (this helps admins to kick cheaters). New Map Overlook view is also a welcome addition but not very useful in my opinion.

So 1.4 is a very good update to already an excellent game. It brings nothing bad to the game. New levels were a bit slow but that's ok because the levels are so damn impressive. If you haven't yet downloaded or tryed Counter-Strike then 1.4 is a good update to start from.